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Transgenic Rabbit Service

Species: Rabbit
Models:  CVD, AIDS, Diabetes
Service:  Production and breeding of transgenic rabbits
Timeline: Six months to two years.



Gene Editing in Rabbit and Guinea Pig

Species: Rabbit and guinea pig
Service: genome editing knockout and knockin
Timeline: Four months to eight months.



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Medium Products for Cattle Oocytes/Embryos and Related Services

RLI developed innovative embryo medium products for bovine and equine reproduction and fertility applications, and provides embryos and related services.



Complete Kit for OPU-IVF Embryo Production

RLI has developed a whole package of Complete Kit for OPU-IVF Embryo Production (CK-OPU-IVF 01) 





RLI scientists have made significant contributions to the animal embryo biotechnology field, particularly with rabbit, bovine, and equine models. Early in the 1980s, they participated in the pioneer work to generate transgenic rabbit via DNA microinjection (China), and rabbit cloning using embryonic blastomere cells (China). RLI scientists constantly achieve over 20% of transgenic rates via DNA and/or RNA pronuclear injection in rabbits. We expect our expertise will greatly facilitate your goal to generate useful animal models, either via conventional DNA or RNA microinjection, or the emerging Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology.   


In 2005, RLI scientists led the work to produce the first cloned rabbit in the United States (supported by NIH) (pdf format paper). This is considered a breakthrough in developing useful rabbit models to study human diseases including cardiovascular disease (CVD). Rabbit is a much better model for human CVD than mice are.  Other achievements in the field of rabbit embryo biotechnology include: (a) first cloned rabbit embryos using pluripotent rbES cells in 1995 (pdf format paper), and pioneer in rabbit cloning using somatic cells (pdf format paper); (b) one of the few labs in the world capable of deriving rabbit embryonic stem cells, and generate specific differentiated rabbit cell types from rbESCs  (supported by NIH) ; (c) established a high efficient vitrification protocol for early stage rabbit embryos (pdf format paper); (d) produced GFP, RFP and neomycin resistant transgenic rabbits by pronuclear DNA microinjection. RLI scientists also punlished papers related to bovine (click here for more information).


Selected publications authored by RLI scientists


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