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Medium Products for Cattle Oocytes/Embryos and Related Services

RLI developed innovative embryo medium products for bovine and equine reproduction and fertility applications, and provides embryos and related services.



Transgenic Rabbit Service

Species: Rabbit
Models:  CVD, AIDS, Diabetes
Service:  Production and breeding of transgenic rabbits
Timeline: Six months to two years.



Complete Kit for OPU-IVF Embryo Production

RLI has developed a whole package of Complete Kit for OPU-IVF Embryo Production (CK-OPU-IVF 01)


The Company's mission is to develop novel animal reproductive biotechnologies, focused on bovine, equine and rabbit models, and to provide quality animal embryos, embryonic stem cell related products and services to the agricultural, pharmaceutical industry as well as animal science and biomedical research community. Please click the image below or browse the navigation bars to learn more about us.





Animal biotechnology services & products for agricultural, biomedical & pharmaceutical needs at Renova Life Inc., providing transgenic rabbits, rabbit embryonic stem cell, rabbit antibody service, rabbit LIF, rabbit stem cells, mouse cells, DNA subcloning, plasmid preparation, karyotype analysis, mouthpieces, small molecules, transgenic PCR screening, stem cell marker, microinjection. RLI has developed innovative embryo medium products for bovine and equine reproduction and fertility applications including Embryo Flushing Plus, Embryo Flushing Supreme, Embryo Washing and Holding, Oocyte Aspiration Plus, Oocyte Washing Prior to IVM (in vitro maturation), freezing, vitrification & more.


RLI has developed three water products for embryo, ES, iPS, cell culture, EC culture, tissue culture, and molecular biology, namely, Water-embryo, Water-lab, and Water-molecular. Water-embryo is specially manufactured for making the medium for embryo and stem cell culture (mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, sheep, and cattle). Water-lab is specially used for preparation of cell and tissue culture medium. Water-molecular is suitable for making Life Science reagents and buffers for molecular work.